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Great Betty Boop Clipart !!
This is part of my collection of Betty Boop clipart. I collected these pics from about 10 different places. In the links pages I added some sites where you can get Betty Boop desktop themes, wallpaper, icons, and more. Check the What's New Betty Boop? page often because I plan on adding more great clips for you. Enjoy!

Betty looks elegant and sexy in this clip!

Betty in the '50's

Betty shows off her sexy legs

She's so cool and hip

Doing the Marylin thing in red

Shy and sexy all at once. Wow!

All hail Betty Boop. The Queen!

Fancy, elegant, and sexy. What a gal!

She's all that and a bag of chips. You go girl!


She's so dreamy!

My absolute favorite. Betty in pink background, surrounded by kisses

Betty dancin, Shake that thing, girl!

Here Betty is surrounded by bubbles

Betty enjoying the night life

Betty with flowers

Don't fear, Super Betty is here!

Betty with a red heart

Betty showing off her musical talents. Rock on Betty!

Betty as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz

Pulling off the classic Marylin thing perfectly

Betty at the beach with little Pudgey

A Betty stamp collector's dream

Betty as the Bride of Frankenstein

Betty is so patriotic. Go USA!

Betty visits Japan

Surprise!! It's Betty!

Who dares to wake up Sleeping Betty

Betty makes a wonderful Statue of Liberty

"Can I take your order?"